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Welcome to Laurel Card Latin Dance – where rhythm meets passion!

We're not just a dance school; we're a vibrant community dedicated to spreading the joy of Salsa & Bachata.

Our journey began with a simple dream: to bring people together through the exhilarating world of Salsa & Bachata dancing. At Laurel Card Latin Dance, we believe that dance is for everyone, regardless of age or background. Our doors are open to all who wish to step into the exciting world of Latin dance.

Our instructors are not just teachers; they are passionate dancers with years of experience, both on the dance floor and in guiding others to discover their rhythm. They're friendly, supportive, and believe in making Salsa & Bachata accessible and enjoyable for all.

Whether you're a beginner with two left feet or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, we've got you covered. Our classes range from beginner basics to advanced techniques, ensuring there's something for everyone. And it's not just about the steps – it's about the experience, the culture, and the vibrant community you'll be a part of.

At Laurel Card Latin Dance, we host regular social events, dance nights, and performances, giving you plenty of opportunities to practice your moves and meet fellow Salsa & Bachata enthusiasts. We believe in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere where lifelong friendships are formed on the dance floor.

So, if you're ready to add some spice to your life, come and join us at Laurel Card Latin Dance. Let's dance, laugh, and create unforgettable memories together!

Laurel Card


Laurel Card, Owner and Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance is a seasoned dance instructor in Philadelphia's Center City. Laurel brings over two decades of expertise to the dance floor, specializing in Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, and her uniquely crafted Latin House classes. Certified as a professional dance teacher by DVIDA – Dance Vision International Dancers Association, Laurel's commitment to excellence is recognized by the National Dance Council of America.

Laurel's partnering classes in Salsa and Bachata are carefully designed to create a dynamic and comfortable atmosphere for social dancing, fostering confidence and mastery among students. Whether leading the fast-paced Latin House sessions or guiding solo classes with emphasis on choreography and technique, Laurel ensures inclusivity, welcoming enthusiasts of all levels, including beginners. Recognizing the importance of personalized guidance, Laurel offers private lessons that result in enduring dance partnerships spanning over five years or more.

For Laurel, dance is not just a skill; it's a fundamental part of life, akin to breathing. Serving as a certified professional dance teacher, Laurel Card is a dedicated advocate for the transformative power of dance, helping students discover joy and gain confidence through the expressive art form."

Tracy Heisler


From a young age, Tracy has been immersed in the world of dance. She started training with ballet, jazz, and tap. This love of dance began to inspire her to pursue the study of music. She incorporated this love

in high school by taking part in musical theater. Tracy went on to purse a music degree in education from the Crane School of Music. In college, she was first introduced to social dance while learning and teaching east coast swing. Tracy also performed and helped with the college dance team. Upon graduation Tracy taught instrumental music to students in North Carolina and Missouri.

Here in Philadelphia, Tracy was recruited to teach ballroom dance to students with the nonprofit Take the Lead Dance Project. She was trained at Society Hill Dance Academy and has coached wedding couples with their first dances while there. In addition to teaching students, Tracy found Laurel’s studio and began to take various classes there. This was a perfect moment to expand Tracy’s dance world. Laurel brought Tracy on board to aid with the growth of her studio. This gives Tracy the ability to reach students of all ages. During the day, she teaches high school students, at night, Adults.

The combination of having both a music and dance background along with a long history of teaching students of all ages and skill levels has molded Tracy into an enthusiastic, versatile, and dynamic instructor. Her ability to blend musicality with dance technique allows her to offer a unique perspective to performing arts education.


Instructor and Resident DJ

Chloe Rabinowitz

Instructor and Co-Team Director

Chloe Rabinowitz, a Philadelphia native, has been a dancer and performer for as long as she can remember. Her performance background is diverse—she began her dance career in the high octane, colorful worlds of competitive cheerleading and musical theater. Hip Hop soon took over as her strongest style of dance, and she became a teacher at multiple studios in the Philadelphia area. During her time as a student at Penn State, she both danced in and choreographed for multiple theater productions.

Chloe moved to New York City in 2015, where she continued her training in a multitude of styles at various studios, including Broadway Dance Center. In New York City, she had the joy of choreographing and dancing for stage performances, live events, and music videos. She was a dancer with DanceWorks New York City for four seasons and worked with Mitchell Wayne Productions as a teacher and a dancer.

Chloe has a passion for all types of movement and has trained in many styles of dance including Hip-Hop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Musical Theater, Contemporary, West African, and a multitude of Latin styles. Chloe moved back to Philadelphia in 2021 where she continued her dance training with Laurel Card, immersing herself completely into learning, dancing, teaching, and choreographing Salsa, Bachata, and Reggaeton. Chloe is Co-Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance’s performance team, Rebeldes del Ritmo. Nothing makes Chloe happier than sharing her love of dance and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome.

Jacintha Kruc

Administrative Assistant and Artistic Guru

Jacintha Kruc, a seasoned visual artist with an MFA and 12-year background in decorative arts, architectural preservation, and restoration, balances her artistic endeavors with a passion for dance. When not found on a lift or scaffolding, she can be found refining her dance skills in Laurel Card's classes.

Jacintha finds inspiration in dance, expressing her dedication through continuous learning and fostering a supportive community under Laurel's guidance. In her role as the studio's administrative assistant and creative collaborator, she contributes to the LCLD studio in a behind-the-scenes capacity and is dedicated to creating an inclusive creative environment.

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